Transmission Concept of Ride Your Mind (game part)

by Jens M. Stober in RYM Neurogame Comments: 0 tags: EEG, Neurogame, Ride Your Mind, RYM

Finally – and with the help of the Emotiv and UNITY3D community – I found a way how to setup the transmission of brain signals between the Emotiv EEG headset and the UNITY3D game engine. The EEG headset collects the EEG signals triggered by the users brain. These EEG signals get displayed and converted by the emotiv Control Panel to control signals. Next the generated control signals get converted by Mind Your OSC to OSC signals. The UNITY3D game engine receives the OSC signals as a client, reads them and triggers specified game mechanics within the Neurogame Ride Your Mind (RYM). Thereby the gameplay gets procedural generated by the prior triggered game mechanic elements. After this finding I can now start to produce
game prototypes of RYM. The following figure explains the explained concept:



Disassembling the Oculus Rift

Today I startet to disassemble the Oculus Rift DK1 to take a look inside. The plan is to replace some parts of the chassis with specially created ones by our 3D Printer. Also thinking about replacing the 7″ Screen (1280×720 pixels) with a Full HD panel or higher. But it turned out that it is hard to get one of these high resoluted display panels in a size between 5-7 inch…